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As a preface, I would recommend reading the Normal Nancy back story before starting in on the blog; it will make more sense 🙂

I have been reading healthy living blogs for a long time now. In fact, I have had a few of them myself, and besides my first one I typically lost interest after a month or two. I believe that the missing piece of my most recent blogs was sharing something special about myself.

Since becoming a full-time working woman the amount of blogs that I have time to read has dwindled. There are now only a select few that stay in my reader. The few blogs I read now are unique and special. The women are strong in their own ways and this is what makes them an inspiration to me and keeps me reading.

I have come to believe that in order to have a blog that I am once again passionate about, I need to showcase me and what makes me the strong woman who I am. The truth of the matter is I wouldn’t be who I am today without my struggles with anxiety and depression. The fact that I have this amazing life and a wonderful man who I share it with deserves a pretty big high-five in my book!

In my opinion this blog is about as healthy living as you can get. Besides the fact that I love being active and eating healthy, being aware of your mental health is something that is often disregarded and to me, is the key to knowing yourself and living a healthy life.