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Not Everyday is Perfect

Due to the fact that I deal with anxiety and the fact that I am a normal human being, I have good an bad days (heck, I have good and bad parts of days). One thing that I dislike about the blog community is that you often get the sense that bloggers have perfect lives. Yes, they have down days that they may mention every once in a while, but typically they always seem to fit in a workout, cook the perfect meals, and have a lot of fun activities out with friends. I can guarantee that their lives are not perfect and they go through ups and downs like the rest of us.

When I am having a bad day or feeling a little “off” it is hard for me to concentrate and I just feel a little out of it overall. I find the following to be the best way to kick the funk of my day:

  • Maintain a healthy diet: Over the past 5 months I have gained 7 lbs, ugh, so I have been counting calories over the past couple of days to get me back on track.
  • Workout: This ALWAYS helps my mood and gets me to feel in the zone, particularly when I can coordinate some trash tv with my gym visit.
  • Pre-occupy yourself: Whenever I am having anxiety I like to talk, a lot, this will typically put my mind in a different direction and allow my anxiety to drift away.
  • Take a nap: Sometimes I am just tired, and if I lay down for 15-20 minutes I feel 100% better.
  • Shop: Sometimes it’s JCrew and sometimes it’s the grocery store. Maybe it’s unhealthy, but it makes me feel better!
  • Realize that you are not perfect: Everyone has bad days and everyone deals with stuff. You are not alone and no one has to be perfect.

What are your go to ways to improve your day?