What’s the Big Picture?

I am always jealous of those who seem they are born on this earth to do a certain thing. Some people just have a gift and when they share it with others they prosper, both finacially and mentally. I have never been able to get a grasp on my passion. I actually feel this may be one of the roots of my anxiety. When I think about what I want to do when I grow up it is always changing. Some days I want to be a stay at home mom (eventually),

My nephew, not my baby!

others I want to be a high profile business woman, and others I want to be a trainer; I can just never put my finger on something and stick to it. Honestly, that scares me a bit. At 26 I feel like I should know what I want to do with my life. My axiexty often pops up when I think about big picture things. I have trouble sometimes living in the moment and tend to focus on what will be the outcome in a year or two or ten. I become anxious thinking “What if I never find my passion?” or “What if I find it and it’s too late to do anything about it?”  And maybe I don’t have a life passion, maybe my journey is just to find that passion for life on a day to day basis that I used to have; the freedom from big picture thought. The ability to enjoy the moment and share that with others.

How do you focus on the here and now and defeat big picture thought?

Not Everyday is Perfect

Due to the fact that I deal with anxiety and the fact that I am a normal human being, I have good an bad days (heck, I have good and bad parts of days). One thing that I dislike about the blog community is that you often get the sense that bloggers have perfect lives. Yes, they have down days that they may mention every once in a while, but typically they always seem to fit in a workout, cook the perfect meals, and have a lot of fun activities out with friends. I can guarantee that their lives are not perfect and they go through ups and downs like the rest of us.

When I am having a bad day or feeling a little “off” it is hard for me to concentrate and I just feel a little out of it overall. I find the following to be the best way to kick the funk of my day:

  • Maintain a healthy diet: Over the past 5 months I have gained 7 lbs, ugh, so I have been counting calories over the past couple of days to get me back on track.
  • Workout: This ALWAYS helps my mood and gets me to feel in the zone, particularly when I can coordinate some trash tv with my gym visit.
  • Pre-occupy yourself: Whenever I am having anxiety I like to talk, a lot, this will typically put my mind in a different direction and allow my anxiety to drift away.
  • Take a nap: Sometimes I am just tired, and if I lay down for 15-20 minutes I feel 100% better.
  • Shop: Sometimes it’s JCrew and sometimes it’s the grocery store. Maybe it’s unhealthy, but it makes me feel better!
  • Realize that you are not perfect: Everyone has bad days and everyone deals with stuff. You are not alone and no one has to be perfect.

What are your go to ways to improve your day?

Healthy Living

As a preface, I would recommend reading the Normal Nancy back story before starting in on the blog; it will make more sense 🙂

I have been reading healthy living blogs for a long time now. In fact, I have had a few of them myself, and besides my first one I typically lost interest after a month or two. I believe that the missing piece of my most recent blogs was sharing something special about myself.

Since becoming a full-time working woman the amount of blogs that I have time to read has dwindled. There are now only a select few that stay in my reader. The few blogs I read now are unique and special. The women are strong in their own ways and this is what makes them an inspiration to me and keeps me reading.

I have come to believe that in order to have a blog that I am once again passionate about, I need to showcase me and what makes me the strong woman who I am. The truth of the matter is I wouldn’t be who I am today without my struggles with anxiety and depression. The fact that I have this amazing life and a wonderful man who I share it with deserves a pretty big high-five in my book!

In my opinion this blog is about as healthy living as you can get. Besides the fact that I love being active and eating healthy, being aware of your mental health is something that is often disregarded and to me, is the key to knowing yourself and living a healthy life.